What is E-Bike Africa

E Bike Africa Sponsor Video from Bruce MacLeod on Vimeo.


Ebike Africa is a global awareness raising action on climate change. It's been organised by the Purple Heart Network and our lead sponsor Pedelec Adventures with Susanne Brüsch.

Ebike Africa is an 18,000km expedition from Glasgow to Cape Town that will be carried out on a pedal-assisted ebike. Ebikes use a combination of human effort and electric power to help the rider go further and last longer.

On the expedition we won’t have direct access to mains power in Africa, so to minimize our own footprint; we’ll be using a custom-designed solar trailer. The trailer will harvest the sun’s energy throughout the day, allowing us to charge our e-bike batteries and other electrical equipment.

The expedition started in Late November 2015 and finished in Paris arriving at COP21 to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The 2nd leg will start from Paris in late August 2016 and will see us cycle through France into southern Germany to visit Eurobike where we will be guests of Pedelec Adventures. The expedition aims to arrive in Venice, completing the second leg, by mid-September 2016 which will complete the European legs.

The African leg of the expedition will begin in Alexandria at the end of 2016, and end in Cape Town in mid-July 2017. We have also recently been granted permission to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with our ebikes. We are exceptionally fortunate to be only the 3rd party ever to be given permission to ascend the mountain with bikes – there have been more people on the moon than bikes on this epic mountain with her vanishing glaciers. THIS WILL ALSO BE A WORLD’S FIRST as our ebike will be the first ever to reach the summit at 19,314ft.


The expedition aims to:

  • Highlight impacts of climate change on people and their changing environment.
  • Raise awareness about climate change and to promote renewable energy products.
  • Demonstrate the durability and adaptability of e-bikes as a means of transport, in even the harshest terrain.
  • Promote electric mobility as a viable solution to combat air pollution and climate change.
  • Showcase innovative and dynamic technologies that can harness renewable energy in any location.
  • Stimulate new conversations and new ideas on how e-mobility and renewable energy could be used to improve lives in remote, rural areas.

Ebike Africa will be carried out by Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch, who’ll join Bruce at various parts of the trip.

Bruce MacLeod

Father of two and co-founder of the Purple Heart Network, Bruce MacLeod has been determined to combine his love of the planet with his business acumen as he believes there is a place in Scotland for successful, sustainable, ethical and environmentally sensitive enterprise.

A cabinet maker by trade Bruce has spent the last few years of his life upcycling timber and whiskey barrels, bound for landfill, into beautiful and desirable pieces of furniture. Although he loves this work and knows that it has huge benefits for the environment it’s very much a one-man enterprise and Bruce wants to go big.

Earlier this year Bruce was instrumental in developing Last Mile Deliveries, a Glasgow-based social enterprise which will utilise ebike technology to deliver logistics services within Glasgow City Centre. Last Mile Deliveries has huge potential to help Scotland reach its 2050 target to decarbonise road transport and support a greener, healthier, more pleasant city.

Ebike Africa is a home to home expedition for Bruce who was born in South Africa, but has lived in Glasgow for almost 18 years. It will take him through some of the most spectacular landscapes the world has to offer, landscapes that are under real threat from climate change, before he arrives in Cape Town in mid-June 2017.

Susanne Brüsch

Pedelec Adventures with Susanne Brüsch is not only our lead sponsor, but our co-organiser, and Ebike Africa would never have gotten this far without her help, support and friendship.

Pedelec Adventures was born from Susanne’s 20 year-experience in communicating e-mobility across a worldwide network. In 2011, the widely published journalist, photographer and inventor of the word ‘pedelec‘ started developing, organising and riding multi-week expeditions on electric bikes together with a specialist team in expedition planning, technical service and film.

During tours through Morocco (www.tour-de-sahara.com) and Mongolia (www.tour-de-mongolia.com), (wo)men and material had to prove duress under stress, while solar-trailers served to re-charge the bike batteries. In 2013, the adventurers went on a 4,000-km challenge through Iceland‘s northern beauty (www.iceland-challenge.com).

With the Berlin Trefected project Pedelec Adventures has once more proven its pioneer spirit in showcasing the latest achievements in electric bikes.

Unique reports, spectacular pictures and videos as well as live shows in Europe, Asia and the USA have drawn worldwide attention to the team‘s expeditions. By sharing their experiences, Pedelec Adventures wants to promote the new bike species and reach out to upcoming markets and target groups in a way that shows the endurance, and the fun of electric bikes.

By supporting the Ebike Africa expedition, pedelec adventuress Susanne again sets out to top the previous experiences of what is possible on an e-bike.