Tech Spec

Award winning company, Haibike, is a pioneer in ebike technology and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Haibike have provided both Bruce and Susanne’s bikes for the expedition.

Bruce rides the Haibike XDuro Hard Seven and Susanne rides the Haibike Full Seven, both are high-performance e-mountain bikes and will give them the power to go long distances, even when their trailers are attached.

Bosch e-Bike Systems have provided the battery system for the ebikes. These are top quality batteries that provide power for longer meaning that Bruce and Susanne will be able to ride for longer periods of time and still get a little extra push for the e-bike motor.

Bosch have also provided some clever on board technology, the Bosch Nyon. The Nyon will help us keep track of Bruce and Susanne on their travels. You’ll be able to see (right here, on the website) how far they’ve gotten and even how many trees the expedition has saved.

Travelling across Africa the guys won’t have access to renewable power, so we’ve had a solar trailer custom designed and purpose built to support the expedition. The solar trailer has been donated from Tout Terrian and Energy Tube. It’ll harvest sunlight throughout the day to charge the e-bike batteries and other electrical equipment too.