Our Partners

The Purple Heart Network

E-Bike Africa is the first action of The Purple Heart Network, a Glasgow based charity tackling environmental and social justice. Our motto ‘Small Steps, Locally, Big Impacts, Globally’ derives from our belief that in order to make a significant impact on global climate change we first have to address the environmental and social justice challenges on our doorstep. Find out more about The Purple Heart Network at www.phn.org.uk

Puprple heart

Pedelec Adventures

We would never have gotten this far if it wasn’t for the help, support, encouragement and all round awesomeness of Pedelec Adventure and its founder Susanne Brüsch. Susanne is a pioneer in e-bike expeditions, having travelled across the landscapes of Mongolia and Iceland to demonstrate just how enduring the technology can be.

Find out more about Susanne and Pedelec Adventures at: http://www.pedelec-adventures.com/