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And they’re off…


Welcome to the first E-Bike Africa blog. It’s the first of many, most of them will be from Bruce but there will be a few from me and the rest of the team. Hopefully by the end we’ll have a bit of a blueprint to help other folk who might be mad enough to even consider embarking on something like this!

Today was quite a day, if you’re wondering how and when all this started you might be surprised to know that we’ve pulled it together in relatively little time, about 5 months. You can read more about how it all came about on Bruce’s blog here.

We’ve had the most amazing support from people, the amount of time, energy, resource and knowledge people have shared has been amazing and I’d like to thank everyone that helped get us here; most notably Susanne Bruesch from Pedelec Adventures, a lovely human being who just solidified my long held belief that Berliners are some of the best folk in the world.

Launch day was hectic and, like all things expedition related, exhausting – I’m sure Bruce and Susanne have gone cycling to get a rest!

We woke early, packed panniers, realised not everyone would fit in the car, caught a train, got coffee, hung out at Dales Cycles, rode in a BMW HY 8 (an eco-friendly cross between the Batmobile and a Delorean), took some picture, shot some film, met with the press, chatted to our friends, drank more coffee, shot more film, took more pictures, met more friends, chatted to some school kids and then it was time to say goodbye.Bruce & Susanne at the start line

Bruce and Susanne headed out of the city bound for New Lanark where they’ll stay overnight before embarking on a massive 100km cycle tomorrow. As I sit in my kitchen and listen to the rain outside I just want to wish them both a safe cycle, full of interesting, blog-worthy, events and as little unpleasant weather as possible!



Bruce & Susanne at the start line

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