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Almost at Paris…

ebike-africa_2015-12-03_IMG_1147Today we left Noyon in Northern France, a small town with ancient origins, about 100km north of Paris.Our digs were pretty grim, there’s been such a variety of accommodation on this trip I think I could take up a new job as a travel writer – from the heady heights of modern hostels in Amsterdam to the floors of Belgium students – it’s been interesting!

Anyway, there was some work to do on the bikes (isn’t there always) so we didn’t leave until 10am, but the weather was good, we’d traded high winds for some cloud cover and felt like we were winning! Traveling in high winds for 4 days now has really taken its toll, but clearly helped our fitness as today we’d cycled 60km by lunchtime!

We stopped at Compiegne, ebike-africa_2015-12-03_GoPro-videoa beautiful market town, with a beautiful castle. A welcome sight, as unfortunately our journey through North France had been pretty charmless and the only sights to see were seemingly endless cemeteries for those lost in WWI. The cemeteries seemed to take on even more significance today in light of the UK decision to enter into the Syrian conflict.

We stopped for lunch at another picturesque town called Senlis, full of beautiful cobbled streets and real French feeling about the place – granted that could have been because everyone was speaking French – but you get the picture! After recharging our energy reserves and our batteries we took on the last 30km and reached Gonesse. We’re now a mere 6km away from COP21…

…I can barely believe it.


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